What We Offer:

Left Field Sports Solutions offers specialised recruitment services for those looking to fill a vacancy in the sporting sector. We believe that people are a company’s greatest asset and we strive to provide the best quality people for your needs.

Whether you have one specialised position or a several general positions, employing the right people can ensure your venture is a successful one. We are experienced in offering recruitment services for those who need to have people ready to hit the ground running in a short period of time, or you can take advantage of our bespoke recruitment service providing fully vetted and qualified people for more specialised roles.

Under the ‘Left Field’ banner, we also offer Left Field Sports Solutions for those needing assistance with aligning an organisational structure with a strategic plan and advice on people and culture needs.

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Applications Closed:

Business Operations Manager – Paddle Australia

Performance Health/AMS Coordinator – Gymnastics Australia

General Manager High Performance – Gymnastics Australia

Manager Fitness Services & Community Programs  Macquarie University

Manager Customer Services & Sales  Macquarie University

Venue Manager – Sports & Aquatics  Macquarie University

Manager Aquatic Services – Macquarie University

Chief Executive Officer – Dragon Boats NSW

Manager Performance Pathway and Network – Hockey Australia

Senior Human Resources Advisor – Netball NSW

Head of Sailing and Aquatics – Woollahra Sailing Club

Athlete Coach and Program Manager – Illawarra Academy of Sports

Executive Officer – Pony Club Victoria

Facilities and Infrastructure Manager – Netball NSW

Senior Manager Commercial, Marketing and Events – Gymnastics Australia

Media and PR Manager, GIANTS – Netball NSW

Chief Executive Officer – Calisthenics Victoria

Sports Programme Manager – Macquarie University

High Performance Manager – Water Polo Australia

Manager, Sport Operations – Macquarie University

Human Resources Advisor – Macquarie University

Chief Executive Officer – Dragon Boats NSW

General Manager, Sport and Recreation – Macquarie University

Senior Fundraising Executive – Australian Paralympic Committee

Chief Executive Officer – Australian Canoeing

Executive Assistant – Australian Paralympic Committee

Chief Executive Officer – Athletics New Zealand

Commercial and Marketing Manager – Athletics New Zealand

High Performance Director – Hockey New Zealand

General Manager, Marketing & Brands – Hockey New Zealand

Executive Assistant – Hockey New Zealand

Chief Executive Officer – Baseball Australia

General Manager (Commercial & Corporate) – Netball NSW

Member Services Manager – Squash Australia

General Manager (Sprint) – Australian Canoeing

General Manager (Slalom) – Australian Canoeing

HR Manager – Netball NSW

National Performance Director – Australian Canoeing

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