Strategic Planning & Organisational Reviews

Strategic Planning & Organisational Reviews

Strategic Planning

Big picture planning

Every business requires a clear direction with common goals and deliverable action plans. Sport is no different. Having a clear business strategy that is communicated and understood at all levels of your organisation is fundamental to your performance.

A good strategy requires careful consideration of your principle aim, competitive environment, people and capital resources. You’ll need to consider your priorities for the next three to six years, decide if they’re achievable and determine the steps required to get there.

By drawing on our years of industry experience and best practice learnings we can help you design an achievable business strategy specific to your sport. We’ll consider your goals, assess risk and devise a realistic plan with the flexibility to adjust when the environment demands it.

We also believe that best practice strategic planning involves consensus – which is why we’ll involve your Board, your CEO, your stakeholders and your staff. By communicating your vision clearly throughout the business you’ll have everyone working together towards a common goal.

By teaming a winning organisational strategy with good governance and a robust business model, you will enhance your ability to deliver and your capability to evolve in the rapidly changing world of sport.

Organisational reviews

Structuring your organisation for performance

Having a clear strategic direction is only half of the journey. You will also need a sound organisational structure with the right people in the right roles to steer you on the road ahead.

Left Field Sports Solutions can review your current organisational structure to help you make a progressive shift – one that satisfies the cultural needs of your organisation and the competitive requirements of the sporting landscape.

With careful consultation and analysis, we will review your plan, your staff and your budgets. We will spend time talking to every stakeholder in your business – from Board members and senior managers to external providers and staff. Our research provides a clear understanding of what’s working well plus insight into areas for improvement.

We will evaluate your existing staffing and operational model, and benchmark this against similar sporting organisations in your field. Then, we will work with you to develop a new model that accurately reflects the nuances of your organisation. This could mean new roles and responsibilities, budgets or staff. Should redundancies become necessary, our people and culture professionals are on-hand to help you manage the process as smoothly as possible.

Whether it’s a steady evolution or a complete revolution, we’ll create a change implementation plan with considered timing and budgets. You’ll develop the capability necessary to better service your existing members and stakeholders whilst setting the foundations for ongoing growth and performance.