In a competitive environment where resources are scarce, having the right people and structures in place is critical to your success – both on and off the field.

Sport is not immune to change and at Left Field Sports Solutions, we understand the challenges you face. Drawing on our experience in the sporting industry and our commercial expertise, our unique combination of strategic thinking and operational insights will help transform your sport into a high performing business.

We offer a bespoke service to enhance and review your strategy, structure and people and provide hands-on guidance and support. From organisational strategy to change management and recruitment, we will work with you to implement business improvements that empower you and your team to create further opportunities for growth.

Why do we talk about strategy, structure and people?

To achieve great success, it is critical that people strategy aligns to organisational strategy. In simple terms, this means asking three main questions:

Strategy – is there a clearly defined organisational strategy?

Structure – is the organisational structure designed to drive this strategy, including a clear focus on having the right roles in place?

People and Culture – do you have the right people in these roles and a culture in which they can thrive?

At Leftfield Sports Solutions our goal is to help you answer these questions. We will partner with you to create and bring an action plan to life to ensure the answer to every question is yes.


We offer a stand-alone service or you can choose multiple services for an end-to-end solution.

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