Wellbeing transcends all levels

Paul Bruce  |  10 Aug 2021
Tokyo 2020 has sparked ongoing conversations about mental health and wellbeing. Here’s why I think the sporting industry should listen. Like everyone, I’ve been captivated by the action at Tokyo 2020. While the Olympics is an event that always attracts a lot of eyeballs, it’s been a particularly welcome distraction for those of us who […]
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Succession Planning – A Collaborative Journey

Paul Bruce  |  17 Jul 2018
I was recently asked to speak at a workshop. My topic was People, the most important resource of all. My immediate thought was to highlight the age-old question of succession planning and sport. This has been a topic of discussion many times and often the response is that many sports are too small to offer […]
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Mapping the Brief – How to Develop an Effective Recruitment Brief for your Organisation

Paul Bruce  |  15 Sep 2017
  When someone resigns, it is tempting to fall into the race against the clock to replace that person before handover time is lost or the work starts piling up. However, instead of rushing in with a re-hashed Job Description, this is a great opportunity to take a deep breath and step back to take […]
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Structuring for Success

Paul Bruce  |  7 Jul 2017
When operating in an ever-evolving environment such as that experienced in sport, a good organisation structure is the key to achieving your strategic business goals, but what makes a good structure? Many organisations try to answer this question by employing good people, but having good people is only part of what makes a good structure. […]
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